Trym II Review: Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper from Pure Enrichment

Cuts Easily and Accurately Excellent Customer Service Aesthetic Design
Not Waterproof Attachments not suited for those who prefer to keep long beards
Excellent value for money
Trym II Trimmer Review

Trym II

Everybody knows the big boys, Philips, Wahl, Andis etc… But here is a lesser known company making big waves in the trimmer industry. Pure Enrichment might not have the market presence of a Panasonic or Remington but where they excel is customer satisfaction and service. Introducing their Trym II Modern Hair Clipper an upgraded model of the Trym I and best seller on amazon. Read this Trym II review to see how it shapes up to the competition.

Trym II Main Features


The first thing you will notice about the Trym II rechargeable hair, mustache and beard trimmer is its stylish design. Its sleek, modern appearance makes for an excellent addition to your bathroom display and the included base dock makes for the perfect staging platform. Unlike other clippers and trimmers which are normally stored out of sight, you will proudly show off the Trym II with its eye-catching aesthetics. The body and base are made of a shiny plastic. Some people say it looks cheap but I personally think it looks great.


The lightweight Trym II ( Trym 2 ) is powerful and the high quality, professional-grade blades are durable and sharp. You will also notice how easy it is to use and how comfortable it is to hold. Made for head and body hair shaving, as well as beard and mustache trimming. This hair removing unit gets the job done, and gets it done well. Considering the low price, it is quite surprising just how powerful these clippers are. While it doesn’t give an extremely close shave, it cuts very accurately and easily. You can rest easy at night knowing that your hair is safe from the dreaded pulling and pinching.

Rechargeable Battery

This cordless clipper holds a charge well. You will enjoy multiple uses of it before needing to charge it again and you will find that the power is fairly consistent no matter the level of charge. As an additional bonus, it comes pre-charged out of the box so you can play with your new toy immediately.


Four attachments(1.8mm, 3mm, 6mm and 9mm lengths) which are easy to put on and fit securely on the Trym II. Seems to only cater to wielders of shorter facial hair.


Even if you are like me and don’t care much for how a product is packaged, you will be impressed by the presentation of the Trym II. The box makes it seem as though it contains an Apple product and the contents are stored neatly. Perfect for a gift.


Clear instructions are given for use and maintenance of the clipper.

Customer Service

One thing that definitely stands out is the excellent customer service. Too often, big manufacturers will look to shift the blame back to the customer when it comes to replacing a faulty product. Pure Enrichment promptly replaces faulty units and has even gone as far as to get in touch with customers experiencing problems without the customer needing to make contact with them. This shows that they believe in their product and that they are willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.


The trimmer doesn’t seem to suffer from clogging issues, making it very easy to clean after use.


Definitely on the lower end of the price spectrum, the Trym II is a perfect fit if you are looking for quality on a tight budget. It even includes cleaning oil for the blades as well as a nice cleaning brush.

The Bad

Not Waterproof

It’s not waterproof so no using in the shower and quick cleaning under the tap.

Long Term Battery Life

While it does hold a charge well, the overall lifespan of the battery could be improved as there have been complaints of poor battery life after prolonged use.

Not Great for Long Beards

As mentioned earlier, the trimmer attachments aren’t very accommodating for those who prefer long, fuller beards.

Trym II Review: Final Verdict

This Trym beard trimmer is solid, it gets the job done and it looks good too. Supported by excellent customer service, the Trym II is a quality trimmer able to compete with trimmers in higher pricing brackets like the Andis GTX Trimmer. For its price, you are definitely getting good value for the money spent. We hope you enjoyed this Trym 2 Review.