Our Best Rated Beard Trimmers in 2019


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Beards are awesome, we all know that.

However, you must maintain your beard. Whether you’re just starting out on your beard journey, or you’re already rocking a glorious beard, you need to keep it looking good.

If you don’t, you won’t just look like a fool, you’ll look like an unhygienic fool.

Which is why the beard trimmer was created.
To keep your facial hair groomed and looking like you’re a man that’s got his sh*t together.

So, you’re finally at that stage where you’re ready to buy a trimmer. But not just any trimmer, you want the best beard trimmer.

And, as good as we have it these days, it’s still not an easy task to find the perfect electric trimmer for your needs. There’s such a thing as too many options, and that’s why a lot of guys have a hard time making a choice, let alone a good one. There’s a lot of subpar products floating around out there trying to make a quick buck.

So we’ve compiled a list of the best beard trimmers in 2019, as well as a brief buyers guide showing you all the critical features to consider when choosing your trimmer.



#1 – Braun Beard Trimmer BT7040

A product image of the Braun BT 7040 plus attachments

The Braun BT7040 is one of the best beard trimmers and is built with precision in mind.

It’s capable of 39 different length settings, mainly due to its “precision dial.” It offers adjustable lengths in half-millimeter increments anywhere from 0.5 millimeters up to 20 millimeters.

The battery charge lasts for 100 minutes of trim time and takes a bit more than that to recharge from empty. One hundred minutes is certainly not near the top when it comes to run-time, but it also comes with a power cord, which could save you in a pinch with the fast battery drain time.

A Gillette Fusion razor is a nice added bonus with the BT7040. You’ll have everything you need to have perfect length hair where you want it, and smooth baby skin where you don’t.

The detailed trimmer attachment offers even more precision for around your edges. The device is fully washable by running it under the tap. Water will cause no harm.

The blades will stay sharp for a lifetime, so that’s one less thing you will have to worry about.


#2 – Wahl Peanut (Professional)

Product image of the Wahl Peanut unboxed

Don’t let its size fool you; the Wahl Black Peanut is small but mighty. It has a powerful motor that can handle the thickest of hair. Its unique peanut shape is specifically designed to provide maximum comfort and control.

It’s important to note that this is a corded trimmer and does not include a rechargeable battery. That might be a deal-breaker for some, but it would be a shame to miss out on such a cool piece of equipment because of this.

It doesn’t offer much in the way of attachments and accessories. You get blade oil, a cleaning brush, a blade guard, and four different length comb guides.

Its body is exceptionally sturdy. It feels nice to hold in your hand. The Peanut isn’t fancy, and it doesn’t try to be. It’s just a reliable little trimmer that does what it does very well.

If you want a trimmer that works, but you don’t need any bells and whistles, this is the one for you.


#3 – Wahl Groomsman 5622

Product image of the Wahl Groomsman plus all the additional attachments and accessories

The Wahl Groomsman is incredibly versatile. It has four functions in one by using the available attachments.

It’s a:

  • beard trimmer
  • nose and ear hair trimmer
  • precision edge trimmer
  • foil shaver

All of these attachments are effortless to swap back and forth.

The biggest downside to the Wahl Groomsman is the battery life. It lasts for a run-time of just 80 minutes. That’s more than enough for a couple of sessions, but it falls way short of most other models on the list.

Self-sharpening blades are always a welcome feature, and they are present here. Something else that’s always welcome is length choices. The Groomsman offers ten different cutting lengths, which isn’t a considerable amount, but it’s respectable and provides a decent variety.

Wahl is one of the most trusted names in the industry, so you know you’ll be getting a quality product when their name is on it.

#4 – Etereauty Professional

Product image of the Etereauty beard trimmer on its display stand plus the attachments

First of all, this is one beautiful piece of machinery. The black body with gold and silver accents is downright stunning. The elegant logo is like the perfect cherry on top of a cake.

The LED screen is super useful. It tells you how much charge your battery has left, what speed it’s currently running on, and whether or not you need to add oil. It’s also home to the speed control where you can choose from three different speed settings.

The blades are self-sharpening and are made from high-quality titanium ceramic. That makes them extremely durable and long-lasting.

The Etereauty Professional Hair Clipper is another trimmer with dual power options. Go cordless for convenience, or stay corded for maximum power and reliability.

The built-in length dial lets you get pretty specific with lengths under 2 millimeters. It also comes with four guards if you want something longer. They are 3,6,9 and 12 millimeters.

This beard trimmer is engineered to be very quiet. The loud buzzing is one of the most annoying things about most electric trimmers, but it’s not a problem here. The battery will run for up to four hours on a single charge.


#5 – Remington PG 6170 The Crafter

Product image of the Remington Crafter trimmer with its included attachments and accessories

The Crafter from Remington is another attractive gadget.

It features a brushed copper finish that gives it a retro vibe because of its resemblance to wood grain.

It’s fully waterproof, so you can take it with you in the shower.

This model features a turbo mode for men with unusually thick beard hair.

The quick charge feature is something that cannot be overlooked, and some guys might want to pick this one up just because of it. If you’re short on time, a five-minute charge will provide enough juice for one full shave.

For attachments, you get the usual trimer heads like ear and nose, precision edger, and the foil shaver.

It also includes six combs – one of which is adjustable for precise length settings – and a stylish carrying case.

The blades are coated in titanium and made from stainless steel. The coating provides extra longevity to the already highly durable stainless steel.

Last but not least, the battery lasts an impressive three hours. It’s not the longest on our list, but it’s still pretty darn good.


#6 – Panasonic Beard and Mustache Trimmer ER-GB40-S

Product image of the Panasonic ER-GB40 trimmer on its display stand

Panasonic seems to make a little bit of everything these days. As long as they keep putting out quality products, that’s fine with us.

We’ll get the glaring negative out of the way first. The battery run-time is a measly 50 minutes. That is by far the lowest on the list. That said, it should still be more than enough to make it through your daily routine.

This trimmer is designed from the ground up for convenience. It’s quite small and compact and has an easy-grip handle to keep you in control. It charges on a base, but even that doesn’t take up too much space. It’s the perfect travel trimmer.

It doesn’t have any attachments, but that’s mostly a good thing in this case. Well, unless you really need a nose hair attachment. The ER-GB40-S is adjustable to 19 different length settings and does not require a comb for any of them.

The blades are positioned at a 45-degree angle, allowing for ultra-high precision trimming.


#7 – Hatteker 5-in-1 Grooming Kit

Product image of the Hatteker trimmer with all the included attachments and accessories

Hatteker is probably the least-known name mentioned here today, but that doesn’t matter if they offer a high-quality beard trimmer.

For attachments, you get one for nose and ears, one for beards, one for head hair, one for precision, and one for body hair.

The blades are made of steel, and they self-sharpen. Those are two things that every good trimmer needs. A USB charger is included, which is especially useful when traveling. It comes with six combs but only one for beard trimming. The beard trimming comb is adjustable, however.

The battery life is only one hour, but that should be plenty as long as you remember to plug it in. It comes with a fancy little holder for the trimmer and all of its accessories to keep every neat and organized.

Overall, it’s a solid addition to our list, and you really can’t go wrong with it. It’s average in what it offers, but it performs exceptionally well and will last you a very long time.


Beard Trimmer Buying Guide


What We Look for in Beard Trimmers


Here’s a quick rundown of everything we think is essential.

Blade Quality


Trimmers have a lot of features and parts, but the blade is where the magic happens.

If the blade isn’t sharp, you won’t end up with an even cut. Long hairs will be sticking out everywhere, and you’ll always be pulling out as many strands as you chop off. That, my friend, is not a pleasant feeling.

The blade also needs to be able to last as long as possible.

Blades that wear out too quickly will end up costing you way more in the long run from buying replacements or whole new electric trimmers.

Don’t cheap out, or you might regret it.

Build Quality


Your blade could be the toughest ever created, but if the body can’t hold up, your blade won’t be much use to you.

It’s the obvious choice for manufacturers to try to cut costs with lower quality materials, but it’s often the most overlooked by consumers.

Bathrooms are wet and humid, and even if you like to shave completely dry, that’s easier said than done.

Just a drop of water and a firm grip can sometimes be enough to shoot that sucker like a rocket across the room at the wall or floor. No one wants to see their hard-earned money end up as plastic shards scattered everywhere.

Battery Life


Batteries have two separate lives you need to consider.

The first is how long it will last on a single charge. The longer, the better. You might not always remember to plug your trimmer back in after a session, or you simply might not always have the means.

Either way, it’s not fun when you want to spruce yourself up for a big meeting, and your trimmer gives you the silent treatment.

The overall life of your battery is almost – or more, depending on who you ask – important than how long it can keep a charge.

Replacements can be expensive or hard to find. There are so many different sizes and shapes, and a lot of brands use their own proprietary parts.

One little battery could end up causing one colossal headache.



For your blade to be as effective as possible, it needs to be powered by a high-quality motor. If the motor isn’t strong enough, it will get bogged down.

A struggling trimmer will be even worse than a dull blade when it comes to pulling hair.

Cord or Cordless


Whether or not you want your trimmer to have a cord or not is mostly just about what you prefer.

With a cord, you don’t need to worry about charging. You also tend to get more power out of your motor when using electricity directly from a power socket than with a battery.

Corded trimmers are also ideal for professional settings where you won’t have time to charge between clients.  

On the other hand, you always need to keep an outlet free at home. It can also be challenging to maneuver a trimmer around your long beard with a cord hanging off of it.

Some models take a hybrid approach and include both a rechargeable battery and a detachable power cord. That way, you can change it up in different situations.

Wet or Dry Trim


Some guys like to do their grooming in the shower, and others prefer to do it either before or after.

You need to make absolutely sure that your trimmer is designed for the situations in which you plan to use it.

Some are capable of both wet and dry trims, so no need to worry if you don’t have a consistent routine.

Accessories and Features


A variety of different sized combs/guards is a big plus for any beard trimmer. Getting the perfect shape requires different lengths in multiple areas.

If you want the sides to be shorter than the bottom, you need different guards for that.

If you get tired of a long beard, you might want to try some short stubble.

Other accessories might include:

  • blade oil (if required)
  • cleaning brushes
  • body trimmer attachments
  • blade protectors
  • travel cases
  • charge bases
  • and lots of other things

There are models available that feature adjustment length settings, requiring fewer combs to achieve a perfectly shaped cut.

LCD screens have also been appearing on various beard trimmers.

Final Thoughts


If you were struggling to choose the world’s best beard trimmer for men, or at least best for you, we hope things are a little clearer now.

We know it can be tough sifting through piles of junk to find a gem, but we’ve found eight great ones.

There is something for everyone here, whether you want your facial hair long and bushy or just want a stubbly shadow beard.

Everything we’ve talked about can be found on Amazon. We’ve included links to each one to make it easy to click through and find more information.

Now that you have all of the choices for best beard trimmers laid out in front of you, it’s time to choose.

Happy trimming!

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