Reviewed: Honest Amish Beard Balm


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Over the years, we’ve seen fashions and trends change dramatically, and this is set to continue into the future.

However, there’s one characteristic for men that has remained in place, and this is the beard.

While some choose to manage their beard at a preferred length, others like to let it be free and grow as long as possible.

There’s no doubt about it; beards can now be included in a smart outfit.

But there’s one thing that people often forget – beard care.

And one of the most essential accessories in your beard care toolkit should be a tub of Honest Amish Beard Balm.


If you’re to keep your facial hair healthy and clean, you need to manage it properly, and Honest Amish has provided a superb solution with their Beard Balm.

Made in the United States, this beard balm aims to keep the beard soft while also keeping rogue and coarse hairs under control.

Furthermore, it nourishes the hair, which leaves it cleaner than ever before.

With this in mind, the days of itching and so-called ‘beardruff’ are now over.




Thanks to much research and testing, Honest Amish has developed a balm made from organic ingredients to achieve the best results possible.

With a base of hair strengthening botanicals, the balm is then infused with many other elements, including virgin pumpkin seed, avocado, virgin argan, grapeseed, and apricot kernel oils. Once this base is created, it is then crafted with aloe, cocoa, shea, kokum, and more fruit and nut butters.

With these core ingredients in place, the balm can really get to work in the beard to soften, repair, and condition dry or splitting hairs.

Eventually, new growth will then be encouraged within your robust and healthy beard. As this healthy hair comes through, the itching will be removed, and the beard conditioning effect ensures that dandruff is no longer an issue.

The Honest Amish Brand


In terms of the company themselves, Honest Amish is a reasonably small business with a shop located in Pennsylvania.

However, their range of balms, soaps, waxes, and various pieces of apparel have been made available on sites like Amazon, which has seen the brand grow in size.

Despite this growth, Honest Amish still produces all products from hand using original recipes. In these recipes, they promise 100% natural, organic ingredients with no man-made chemicals at all.

Review Summary


If you have a beard of any size, this is a fantastic product to purchase because it will ensure that your beard not only looks good but feels right from the inside.

Without a management system, beards can be a bit of a chore to maintain, but Honest Amish makes the process somewhat easy.

On Amazon, this vegan-friendly balm is relatively inexpensive, which is a solid investment considering the help it will provide.


If you don’t believe us, the product has over 7600, mostly positive reviews.