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Braun 9090cc vs 9095cc: Our Review and Winner!

Welcome to our short head-to-head comparison between the very similar 9090 and 9095 shavers in the Braun 9 Series. Today we’ll be providing you with a short overview of these two premium razors and letting you know which one we think is the best choice overall.

With the intro out the way, let’s have a look at the Braun 9090cc…


Braun 9090cc Review


braun 9090The 9090cc is part of the Braun Series 9 electric foil shaver line.


This shaver is definitely on the higher end of the electric razor pricing spectrum, justified by it winning the 2016 GQ Grooming Award for quickest shaver. It’s also the official shaver of the NFL.


  • Braun boasts that the 9090cc provides the most comfortable and efficient shaving experience. A bold claim indeed considering comfort and efficiency are probably the two most important considerations when choosing a shaver.


  • One of the major features contributing to the efficiency of the razor is the Intelligent SyncroSonic Technology used. This technology provides 40 000 cross-cutting actions per minute which are powered by sonic micro-vibrations (I have no idea what it means but it sure does sound fancy). Supposedly resulting in more hair being removed than any other shaver.


  • The other main feature is the fully flexible shaving system. This is basically flexible cutting elements attached to a pivoting head which combines MacroMotion and MicroMotion. This allows the 9090cc to adapt to your face to maintain more skin contact, resulting in a more thorough shave.


  • The 9090cc has received mostly positive feedback from users. Most confirming that electric shaver definitely cuts the hairs extremely fast, which means no nasty hair pulling. They also attest to the fact that 9090 really excels on the cheek area, providing a really smooth experience. Some have also noted that the shaver is relatively quiet compared to earlier models in the Braun product line.


  • One big complaint however is the fact that there are no replacement heads available. This is slightly disappointing considering that this is a top of the line premium product. Hopefully Braun will look into it.
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Braun 9095


For this comparison it would be a bit silly to do a full overview of the Braun 9095 since it’s essentially identical to the 9090. The major difference being that the 9095 can be used for both wet and dry shaving, while the 9090 is best suited to dry shaving only.


braun 9095

Our Winner: Braun 9090 or 9095?


The Braun 9095 is our clear winner!


9090cc 9095cc










Being able to use the 9095 for both wet and dry shaving is a benefit. And since that’s is the only big difference between the two, the 9095 having an additional functional benefit will put it ahead.


But the 9095 model is more expensive?


While this is true, if you are shopping around for a shaver at this price range, paying a few extra dollars is probably not going to worry you too much.


So, if you are deciding whether or not to buy the 9090 or the 9095, we would recommend going with the 9095. You’re paying slightly more but are getting the added convenience of being able to shave with foams and gels.


But… if you already own a 9090 and are wondering if you should ‘upgrade’ to the 9095, rather stick with your 9090 if you are dry shaving and have no need to change it up.


Click here to get the Braun 9095 on Amazon




Click here to get the Braun 9090 on Amazon