10 Benefits Of Growing A Beard

Why You Should Be Growing A Beard

Do Girls Like Beards

We all want to look good, feel good and be admired by others.

From killing yourself in the gym for eye-popping biceps or wasting your money on the latest fashions. Men have been chasing after anything to upgrade their quality of life. Yet an all encompassing and yet so simple solution has always been within, waiting for us to accept its warm and loving embrace… The beard.

Here are 10 amazing benefits for you to leave the baby faced look to babies…

10. Women love it

As I’m sure you are aware, women can’t grow beards. And just like a curious cat, they can’t help themselves when the opportunity presents itself to run their hands through their mans facial hair.

Numerous studies have shown that women prefer a man with facial hair. Guys rocking heavy stubble were the clear winner when it came to what women deemed most attractive. Full beard wielders were consistently rated as the most healthy and judged to have the highest ability to raise children and take care of a family. Our poor clean-shaven pals came in last.

9. Builds up protection against allergens

A full beard can act as a natural filter to block larger dust particles, pollen and other undesirable allergens that provoke reactions from entering the body through your mouth and nose.

Some medical experts say that aside from blocking allergens, there is a strong possibility that the small amounts that bypass the beard and get inhaled allow for the body to build up an immunity to them and reduce the chances of a bad reaction when exposed to large amounts.

8. Protects against skin cancer

Having a nice thick beard can offer major protection against the harmful rays of the sun and skin cancer.

According to a dosimetric study(the measurement of radiation absorbed in a given time) conducted at the University of Southern Queensland in Australia, researchers have discovered that a beard can protect your underlying skin from up to 95% of the suns harmful UV rays. The amount of protection is affected by the length and thickness of your beard.

Putting on some sun screen is still advised.

7. Helps with smoother skin

Growing a beard effectively eliminates nasty skin rashes and infections from shaving.

Shaving has proven to be on of the main culprits behind a variety of bacterial infections and acne in the facial area. A dermatolgist consultant at the London Skin and Hair Clinic has said about shaving: “It can lead to razor rash, ingrown hairs and conditions such as folliculitis (infection of the hair follicles that causes spots), so men would benefit from growing a beard”

6. Keeps your skin young

A beard limits the signs of ageing by effectively protecting the skin from excessive exposure to the sun.

Direct sunlight plays a big part in the formation of wrinkles. To make a long story short. Sunlight damages the collagen fibers in the dermis(a layer of skin between the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue). This leads to a build up of abnormal elastin and a large quantity of metalloproteinases. Resulting in regular, imperfect reforming of collagen fibers which causes wrinkles to develop.

5. Keeps skin moisturized

Your beard helps to keep water and the natural oil produced by your oil glands on your skin.

The sebaceous glands on your face secret sebum, an oily, waxy substance which keeps the skin lubricated. Your beard helps to prevent this natural moisturizing oil on your face from being rubbed off. Your beard also shields your skin from the drying effects of cold air.

4. Keeps your face warm

Growing a beard provides insulation for your face, keeping you warm in colder conditions.

Hair is an insulator. Your beard forms a physical barrier that protects your face from the cold helps to retain your body heat. Why do you think all those mountain climbers have thick beards equipped when they journey to Everest?

3. Makes you look more mature

A well groomed beard makes you look more mature and sophisticated.

Studies have shown that in the eyes of others, bearded men appear to have a much higher social position in society over their clean-shaven counterparts. The tests indicated that people generally perceive a man with a beard to be wise and to command respect over his peers.

2. Makes you appear more masculine

Beards make a man seem more aggressive and are an instant sign of masculinity.

Researchers have found that both men and women tend to judge men with facial hair as more masculine. Numerous tests have been conducted where men and women were shown pictures of bearded and clean-shaven males. The bearded males were perceived to be significantly more aggressive and masculine.

1.It Makes You Happy

Having a beard is a source of confidence and most importantly, it is something personal. It is something for you to nurture, groom and take pride in.

A recent study by Braun indicated that 53% of men felt more attractive to women because of their beard. 41% feel more confident with facial hair. Researchers have noted that growing a beard increases a mans self-esteem and it is a subtle way for him to exert his dominance.

So there you have it, more proof that growing a beard is a gift that comes with many rewards. Why still fight what nature has intended?

Yielding a beard comes with great responsibility, you need to make sure your beard is well maintained and groomed. A good place to start is investing in a quality beard trimmer. One such trimmer we recommend is the extremely aesthetic Trym II, a great and affordable trimmer that gets the job done in style.