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Wahl is one of the leading manufacturers of grooming products for people and animals.

Although based in Illinois, they supply quality trimmers and clippers worldwide.

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Reviews & Comparisons


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Andis T-Outliner vs Wahl Detailer: Our 2019 Review & Winner! Welcome to our head-to-head Wahl Detailer vs Andis T-Outliner comparison. Today we’re providing you with a brief side-by-side overview. Letting you know who we think comes out on top and is the overall winner between these two hot-selling grooming tools. With that out the way, let’s take a look at the Wahl Detailer… Don't feel like reading? CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR WINNER A Quick Wahl Detailer Review: The Wahl Detailer is a commercial grade trimmer specifically designed for precision trimming around the face, neck, and ears. It also excels at hair ...
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Reviewed: The Wahl Detailer Let’s say you had to place your life in the paws of a big dog or a small cat. Naturally, you’d be inclined to back the dog, a larger, more powerful animal. However, this isn’t a test of strength. This challenge is about who can make it over a tiny tightrope suspended across two tall buildings. Now that changes things doesn’t it? The smaller cat would seem like the smart and obvious choice over the larger dog. Which brings us to hair detailing… Whether you’re outlining your beard or trying to achieve picture-perfect, crisp detailing lines, ...