How to Remedy Itchy Beards at Home

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Any man who has had a beard knows what it is like to have an itchy face.  While beards make you look majestic they can also be a pain.  It doesn’t have to be though.  We are here today to discuss some of the remedies to help you keep your beard from itching.

Don’t Scratch It

The number one way to keep your beard from itching more is to not scratch it.  Continued scratching of facial hair irritates the skin and can also cut the skin.  It’s similar to rubbing your eyes when you have allergies.

dry itchy beard

Use Hair Shampoo and Conditioner

A lot of itchy beard problems stem from having dry hair.  The drier the hair, the more likely it is to itch.  Part of that comes from dry hair and unclean hair.  Doing a full shampoo and conditioner on your facial hair, this helps to keep the hair moisturized and healthy.  Some beard care experts recommend that you use baby shampoo on your beard as it doesn’t sap moisture from the beard.
When you go to shampoo and condition that manly beard, make sure that you clean it thoroughly.  Rinse it out before washing and even rub it with a wash cloth.  Having something stuck in your beard hairs can be a cause of beard itch.

Skin Moisturizer

Skin moisturizer goes along with the step above, when your skin is dry, it also itches.  Using skin moisturizer helps to keep the skin smooth, wet, and flake free.  Apply moisturizer after you shower and at the end of the day.  Twice a day helps to give you the best skin under your beard but you can get away with once a day treatment.
There are a variety of different moisturizers out there.  For beard itch moisturization, it is recommended that you use a skin moisturizer specifically meant for use on the face.  No, that does not mean that you need to use a feminine care product.  There are plenty of moisturizers for men.

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Remove Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are a constant pain for both men and women.  These little hairs appear like little zits and cause itching and pain.  In the morning take a moment in front of the mirror and remove these ingrown hairs.  It may help to have a professional show you how to remove ingrown hairs but YouTube is also a great source.
Practice makes perfect when it comes to working with ingrown hairs.  The most important thing to remember is not to be too rough or aggressive with the removal or else it could end up opening a cut.

Ditch The Manual Razor

The manual razor pulls the hair from your skin and can easily irritate the skin.  It can also contribute to the growth of ingrown hairs.  Instead of using a manual razor to fine tune your beard, you should use an electric razor.  Electric razors will give you a uniform cut/trim and help you to avoid getting those pesky hairs.

Care for Your Hair

For many it sounds ridiculous to comb your facial hair but it is a must for anyone that wants to avoid irritated hairs and grow a beautiful mustache.  It isn’t just to make your hair look nice, it actually affects the growth.  If you regularly comb your facial hair in one direction, it will learn to grow in that direction too.  This helps to keep your beard looking great and to prevent itching.
There are specific combs and brushes for those with beards or other facial hair.  They are often referred to as mustache combs or beard combs.
Finish off your combing session with some manly beard oil.  There are a wide variety of beard oils out there to help keep the hair healthy, fresh looking, and smelling great.  You can also get unscented oil in case you work somewhere that doesn’t allow scents.
Sometimes caring for you beard may seem a little hard.  When the beard starts to itch it is one of those times.  Instead of giving up on that awesome beard though, manage it with these tips.  You can end up with a strong and beautiful work and most of these anti-itch remedies only take minutes to use.