The Wahl Professional Detailer Review

  Let’s say you had to place your life in the paws of a big dog or a small cat.Wahl Detailer Review Featured Image Naturally, you’d be inclined to back the dog, a larger more powerful animal. However, this isn’t a test of strength. This challenge is about who can make it over a tiny tightrope suspended across two tall buildings. Now that changes things doesn’t it? The smaller, cat would seem like the smart and obvious choice over the larger, dog. Which brings us to hair detailing… Whether you’re outlining your beard, or trying to achieve picture perfect, crisp detailing lines, it often feels like you’re walking over an incredibly thin tightrope… Just one tiny mistake and it’s all over! This is where the Wahl Detailer comes in. If other clippers are stumbling over that tightrope like big, clumsy dogs, the Wahl Detailer is gliding through like a sleek and agile cat.  

What is the Wahl Detailer?

  The Wahl Detailer is a commercial grade trimmer that was built mainly for professional use in a barber shop. But it’s just as effective for trimming and detailing at home. The Detailer is made by Wahl, a US based company and one of the leading manufacturers of clippers in the world. Striving to provide high quality products that are reasonably priced for consumers.  

Fun Fact: The owner Leo J Wahl was actually the one who invented the world’s first hand held clipper back in 1919.

Wahl Detailer Clippers and Cord  

Main Features

  • Lightweight – The Wahl Detailer has a noticeably light weight feel to it as opposed to other commercial grade trimmers, giving you much more control when detailing.
  • Compact – Its compact design makes it fit easily in your hand to provide more comfort when in use
  • Powerful rotary motor – Normally smaller, lighter trimmers end up sacrificing a lot of power but this isn’t the case with the Wahl Detailer. The cutting power is just as effective as larger trimmers
  • Attachment comb cutting guides – 3 are included. 1/16”, 1/8” and 1/4” Wahl Professional Accessories Included
  • Cleaning Brush and Oil – For keeping your blades clean and in perfect condition
  • Red Blade Guard –  These Wahl clipper guards are for protecting and maintaining the condition of the blades
The main feature that sets the Detailer apart from others is its lightweight and compact design. This is to give barbers more precision and control when detailing and to provide that extra comfort when using for extended periods of time.  

So What Results Can You Expect?


The Detailer has a wide and sharp t bladeThe Blades

  The sharp blades provide a precise cutting experience which makes extreme detailing that much easier. Last for a very long time so you won’t have to worry about replacements anytime soon. Wide T blade makes for good maneuvering in tighter regions as well as making it easier to achieve straight and crisp lines.  

Powerful Motor

  Powers through and cuts hair very easily It also runs fairly quiet. Making it ideal for use on toddlers who normally scare easy with the louder clippers.   Overall, this makes for smoother results whether it be for personal home use or for your clients.    

What Other Customers Have to Say?

  According to one customer, a barber of over 13 years.   He said when he first used the Detailer, he was shocked at just how powerful and well it worked because of how light it was.   Unlike his previous Andis T Liner and Wahl Edger, the Detailer came ready for use as it was perfectly gapped. And the wide T blade made it easy for him to achieve crisp, straight lines time and time again.   He also noted that the motor was powerful, giving him no problems cutting through most textures of hair. With the added benefit of not heating up as fast as most of the other clippers.   He gives the Wahl Detailer an overall score of 4/5 and says you and your clients will love the performance and reliability of this clipper.    

Minor Complaint

  As good as it is, the one thing we didn’t like about the Detailer is the plastic switch. It feels a bit flimsy and cheap. Something Wahl should consider improving.  

Final Thoughts

  As this Wahl Detailer review shows, it really is a great trimmerProetective Guard for the T Blade   If you prefer heavy steel trimmers, this lightweight trimmer might not be to your liking and it would probably be best to give it a miss.   However, if your are in the market for a new detailing trimmer, and would like to try something lighter, and with a bit more cat-like finesse, definitely give the Wahl Detailer a go. If you need more convincing, you can see how it stacks up against the Andis T-Outliner in our Andis T-Outliner vs Wahl Detailer comparison.   With an overall customer satisfaction rating of over 80% it’s definitely worth checking out  

You can see the latest price and get the Wahl Detailer here