What is Beard Oil?

Over the last decade there’s been a massive increase in popularity in rocking some facial hair. And with it has come a vast range of products specifically catering towards the upkeep and care of our beloved beards. One such product that is nowadays considered an essential part of your beard toolkit is beard oil.

Beard oil is a special cosmetic oil used to moisturize the skin below beard hair to keep it soft and shiny. The oil is 100% natural, made from skin oils and essential oils. The idea behind beard oil is to provide nutritional support to the skin and hair follicles below the beard thereby preventing dry skin and brittle beard hair. The result is a stunning fresh looking beard that is guaranteed to turn heads.

What are the components of beard oil?


As mentioned above beard oil is made up of natural ingredients namely essential oils and carrier oil. Higher-grade beard oils will contain other additives like vitamins to target particular skin types. The greater part of the oil is composed of carrier oils, which carry the major nutrients needed by the skin and hair follicles found in the skin below the beard. Since the carrier oil is natural, it is extracted from plant seeds like sweet almond and grape seed.


The advantages of natural oils is that they provide a natural hydrating effect on the skin without tempering with the chemistry of the skin processes themselves unlike chemical products that interfere directly with the natural skin processes.


The essential oils in the beard oil are responsible for scents and the volatile nature of the oil. Because of the essential oils, beard oil is now available in different scents namely lavender, sandalwood and more.

Why people use beard oil


Beard oil has outstanding effects as far as growing a neat beard is concerned. Thanks to the oil, guys are now able to groom awesome and presentable beards that not only look great, but feel amazing too. This is because bead oil brings forth the following benefits:

Early Beard Grooming

The most difficult stage of grooming a beard is the very early stage when it’s beginning to grow. There is often an itch and irritation during the first few weeks of beard grooming that unfortunately causes many guys to want to cut it off. Beard oil soothes the skins and makes it soft getting rid of any irritation that comes with a growing beard.

Color and shine

When you’ve managed to grow a sizeable beard the next challenge involved is keeping the natural color of your beard and maintaining that glow that was there during the first weeks of nursing. Beard oil brings out a natural shine in the beard and keeps the beard looking good and feeling fresh.

Natural scent

Thanks to the essential oils found in the beard oil, you can maintain a nice favorable scent in your beard that will keep people drawn to you and help you to smell and feel good.