Andis GTX T Outliner Trimmer 4775 Review

Cuts with precision and ease High quality Barber’s favorite
Gets hot after prolonged use
Fast and powerful. The GTX T Outliner is a quality trimmer that excels in shaping and outlining. A highly recommended investment
Andis GTX T Outliner Review

Andis T Outliner

The Andis GTX T Outliner trimmer is best prescribed for outlining, dry shaving and fading and is brought to you by one of the leading Clipper and Trimmer manufacturers in the world, Andis.

Andis GTX T Outliner Main Features


The GTX T-Outliner makes use of a T-Blade. This blade has curved edges allowing for easier handling and more precise trimming around beards, mustaches, ears and the back of your neck. Perfect for shaping and more detailed shaving.


The powerful and fast motor assists in providing you with an easy cutting experience and an incredibly close shave. Users with sensitive skin and ingrown hair problems have enjoyed success with this trimmer due to its effortless cutting and comfortable feel.


Andis is known for producing high quality products and this trimmer is no different. This GTX is a professional grade trimmer that is part of the Andis Experience line.

Barber Favorite

The Andis GTX T Outliner is a common fixture in barber shops across the world. A sure sign of an excellent trimmer.


The GTX uses a magnetic motor, while slightly less powerful than rotary motors, magnetic motors are faster and have less moving parts, ensuring that they will last a lot longer.

The Blades

Equipped with high quality carbon steel blades that have been specially hardened specifically to prolong the cutting life of the trimmer. You can also easily buy if your blade does need replacing. Some users have been using it for over 5 years and it is still going strong.


While not the quietest trimmer available, the GTX runs fairly quietly. Making noise a non-issue.


Four Attachment combs are included: 1.5mm(1/16”), 3mm(1/8”), 6mm(1/4”), 10mm(3/8”)


It’s comfortable to hold and fits well in your hand.

Tube of Oil

For maintaining the blades.

Cord and 3-prong plug

It comes with a 3 pronged plug instead of the usual 2 and a thicker 8ft cord. The thicker cord does add some noticeable weight to the trimmer.

The Bad

Gets Hot

After prolonged use the GTX gets hot. Hot enough to want to avoid touching your face with it. Buying a bottle of Andis Cool Care will go a long way to keeping the blades cool while in use.

1st Time Adjustment

Novices can find it tricky to adjust the blades. Luckily there is plenty of online resources to show you how to get it done easily.

Andis GTX T Outliner Review: Final Verdict

The Andis GTX T Outliner is a quality trimmer, made by one of the most trusted names in the industry. It excels in shaping and outlining and the fast and powerful motor will make for a very comfortable and easy experience. This professional-grade trimmer is durable and long-lasting, exactly what you would expect for the price. The fact that it is loved by so many barbers around the world is evidence enough of its excellence. If you are however looking for a more affordable option, make sure you check out our review of the Trym II. A highly recommended investment.