The Best Rated Beard Kits in 2019


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If you’re looking to keep your beard in great shape, you’re not alone, as many are looking for the best beard kit to achieve their grooming goals.

Looking for the best beard grooming kit seems overwhelming at first as there’s a massive number of different products available on the market, all looking to catch your attention.

The thing to remember when looking for a beard kit is that you don’t have to be searching for a kit containing a ton of different products.

You should be looking for one that has basic products like a beard brush, beard oil, and beard scissors. All depending on what look you’re trying to accomplish with your beard grooming routine.

No matter what type of beard you have when seeking the best beard care kit, you need to do your research. You must keep in mind the kind of beard you have so you can keep your beard looking its very best.

The following is a brief guide to assist you in finding the best beard kit for your needs.

We’re confident your beard will look its absolute best when using any of the recommended beard kits listed below.


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#1 – Bossman Essentials Beard Kit

Product image of the Bossman Beard Kit

The Bossman Essentials Beard Kit has everything required to:

  • moisturize
  • revitalize
  • and protect

your facial hair.

Created in the USA, they use high-quality natural ingredients and essential oils to make their beard care products.

The intense beard conditioner hydrates your beard and assists in stimulating beard growth.

The jelly beard oil bonds with your skin, pores, and hair follicles, so your facial hair is softened and moisturized. Meaning you won’t have to worry about a dry and brittle beard.

The relaxing beard balm works very well with the conditioner and beard oil so you can keep your beard under control while it grows in quicker and appears thicker.
It’s a definite must-have in your essential beard kit.

This beard kit comes in a variety of appealing scents, so you’re sure to find one you enjoy. There is also a fragrance-free option in case you want a clean and simple option that won’t compete with your favorite cologne.



  • Highly Rated
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Intense Moisturizing
  • Easy to Use
  • Variety of Scents
  • Unscented Option Available


  • The product might not last as long if you have a longer beard

#2 – Advanced Beard Growth Kit By The Beard Club

Product image of the Beard Club beard kit

If you’re looking for a beard maintenance kit that assists in hair growth, the Advanced Beard Growth kit from the Beard club might be right up your ally. The products you’ll find in this beard growth kit are created with vitamins, minerals, and oils that support healthy hair growth so you can have the best-looking beard possible. 


The Beard Club uses pure, high-end ingredients. So you can be sure your beard grows consistently and appears full, thick, and healthy.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option for a beard growth kit, this is an excellent choice for you as it provides a great deal of value for the products that are included.

You will receive:

  • beard growth vitamins
  • beard oil
  • shampoo
  • beard spray
  • a comb
  • and a brush

Combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet, this product can help your beard grow to its full potential.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Great Smelling Products


  • May take some time to work
  • Not part of the subscription service they offer on their website

#3 – Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit for Men

Product image of Viking Revolution's beard kit

If you’re looking for a beard kit for men that offers a great deal of value, this is the kit for you.

This kit contains all of the tools, accessories, and treatments that you’re going to need to have the best-looking beard, which will save you the time of piecing a kit together on your own.

Made with bamboo and durable Boar bristles, the beard brush will tame even the wildest beard, all while stimulating blood flow to the hair follicles.

The surgical grade scissors will help you trim your facial hair, so you’re looking your very best.

On reaching the end of your grooming routine, you can finish things off with the light, citrus-scented beard balm. So you can smell great without the scent being overpowering.



  • Budget-friendly
  • Great value
  • Great gift option
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee



  • Some customers have had difficulty in receiving the included e-book


#4 – Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit for Men

Product image of the Zeus beard kit

Grooming your beard with this complete beard kit has never been easier.

You can start off with the beard shampoo made up of natural ingredients and antioxidants such as Green Tea and Chamomile. Which helps to protect the skin while restoring the natural strength and shine of your facial hair.

The beard conditioner will help to keep your hair, and skin hydrated all day long. Zeus beard oil, containing Safflower seed oil, works fast to soften hair and get rid of itchy skin issues.

After cleansing and moisturizing your beard, whip it into shape using the Zeus 100% Boar bristle brush. It’s effortless to handle and is resistant to warping in moist conditions.

The products come in three different, charming scents that will have you smelling great after you take care of your beard.



  • Pleasant, not overpowering scents
  • An excellent choice for sensitive skin
  • Good value


  • Not a beard growth kit
  • Shampoo sometimes runs out faster than conditioner

#5 – Upgraded Beard Grooming Kit By XIKEZAN

Product image of Xikezan's beard kit

If you’re looking for a beard care option that is packed with top quality products for a great price, then this is the kit for you.

You’ll enjoy cleansing and conditioning your beard with a shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients like grapeseed and jojoba oil.

You can also make use of a high-quality beard oil packed with:

  • vitamins
  • antioxidants
  • minerals

 All assisting your beard in speedier growth and looking its very best. The moisturizing beard balm will trap in moisture while deeply conditioning your facial hair helping your facial hair grow quicker and healthier. 

This kit also comes with some bonuses for you to enjoy. You will receive a boar bristle brush to maintain your beard. The anti-static beard comb that is included will allow you to keep your beard looking it’s best anywhere you go.

The beard shaping tool and scissors will save you from expensive trips to the barber. If you’re giving this kit as a gift and the recipient has a sense of humor, they will enjoy the fun novelty beard ornaments and funny mustache comb that are included.

To top things off, you get a storage bag and a beard care ebook that is packed with information about maintaining a healthy, great-looking beard.


  • Great Value
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Natural products
  • Great Gift Option
  • Pleasant Scent


  • Products are smaller than similar kits

#6 – Naturenics Premium Beard Grooming Kit for Men

The Naturenics beard kit product image

If you’re in the market for a fuller, softer, and most importantly, healthier beard, you’ll want to try this kit.

This six-piece beard maintenance kit is made from premium ingredients. Leaving you feeling confident you’re getting high-end products for your money.

The beard oil and beard balm are unscented, so you do not have to worry about any overpowering or unpleasant scents. The Japanese stainless steel scissors will help you make precise cuts when trimming your beard.

The dual action beard comb made from sustainable materials keeps your facial hair looking great on the go. And the horsehair brush aids in distributing the oil evenly and improving hair texture.

All off these beard care products are contained in a natural bamboo box.



  • Organic Ingredients
  • Unscented 
  • Great for Sensitive Skin
  • Sustainable Materials 


  • May Take a While to See Results

Beard Kit Buying Guide


It can be a little overwhelming looking for a good quality beard care kit with all the options available to you. Here are a few things to keep in mind. 

It’s a good idea looking for a kit containing a good quality beard shampoo and conditioner. You need to be sure that you find a product that will leave your beard feeling and looking clean while being moisturized at the same time.

You’ll also want to find a product that has a pleasant and not overwhelming scent to it. 

Beard oil, balm or butter, and beard wax is also something that needs to be considered in a good quality beard care kit. Good beard oil and balm or butter can help nourish your beard so it can grow faster and look fuller while being as healthy as possible. A high-quality beard wax will help keep your facial hair styled and looking its best. 

Rounding out your kit, you’ll want to find quality beard scissors, a beard comb, and a beard brush. A good pair of beard scissors and beard comb will help in maintaining your beard while a beard brush will help in styling your beard, distributing oils, and stimulating blood flow. 

If you’re looking for products that further help to promote the growth of facial hair, you may want to consider a kit that includes vitamins as that can be a helpful addition to your beard care routine. 

Picture of various beard kits

Looking for a beard grooming kit made with natural products is a smart idea as you won’t have to worry about harmful ingredients coming into contact with your skin. 

You can benefit from using a beard grooming kit in some of the following ways:

A good beard comb and brush helps mold and shape your beard. If you don’t use these tools, you’ll be dealing with unruly looking facial hair. They will also help with spreading natural oils and straightening your facial hair without damaging it.

Beard oil assists in stimulating growth in addition to promoting strength and cleanliness of facial hair. It also helps in moisturizing and repairing your beard. This product, when applied, is really your first defense against the elements that can have a negative effect on maintaining a healthy beard. Beard oil is a staple in all quality beard care kits. 

When you add a beard kit to your grooming routine, you’ll no longer worry about a dry and itchy beard that’s tempting to shave off. All you need to do is follow a simple process using just a few simple products, and you’ll have a much healthier and better-looking beard. 

You’ll no longer have to worry about a beard that does not smell its absolute best. Many beard care products included in a grooming kit are pleasantly scented, so when they’re used, they’ll leave your facial hair smelling fantastic for hours after use.

Never fear if you don’t care for scented products as there are unscented beard care products that will leave you smelling just as nice.


Keep Price and Size in Mind


When shopping for a beard kit, you need to keep the price in mind. Most grooming kits are reasonably priced; however, you need to consider the size of the products that you are purchasing as well.

If you are paying a good amount of money for a smaller sized product, you may want to look into a different kit, especially if you have a longer beard. Along with finding the best products for your beard, you need to be getting the best value for your money. 


Closing Thoughts

Finding an excellent beard maintenance kit doesn’t need to be complicated. Taking care of your facial hair can have you looking and feeling great, and it can be done quickly and without having to spend a lot of money.

With the great choices listed here, you’ll be able to find a kit for yourself or one that would make a fantastic gift.