Reviewed: The Philips Norelco 7300 Vacuum Beard Trimmer QT4070


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  • The Vacuum Sucks Up Most of the Trimmed Hair
  • Turbo Setting for Increased Shaving Power
  • Trims Excellently


  • Not Waterproof
  • Some Have Complained it Doesn’t Hold a Charge Too Well Between Uses

Philips introduced this beard trimmer as a replacement for the out of production, consumer favorite, T980.

It’s packed full of features, the most prominent being the built-in vacuum, multiple settings, a travel lock, and stay-sharp blades.

Read on for the full Philips Norelco 7300 review.


Front view of the Norelco 7300 with the cord attached

Main Features

The Vacuum

The 7300 has an integrated vacuum system that sucks in the hairs as they are being cut, trapping them in a small compartment built into the trimmer.

It captures smaller hairs a lot better than longer ones, and people with longer, thicker beards may need to clean the compartment out a few times with every trim.

However, cleaning is easy as you simply have to open a little built-in door to access the hair compartment.

While it doesn’t suck in all the hairs, you will save a massive amount of time spent cleaning out the hairs from the sink as it seems at least 80% of hairs are sucked up by the vacuum normally. When you use it with the turbo setting, it easily feels like 95%.

Just remember to clean out the compartment after every use as you want to avoid hairs falling out when traveling.

The Trimming

Packed with a powerful motor, the 7300 cuts very quickly and efficiently and results in an even trim on each setting.

If you have sensitive skin, you can use this trimmer with confidence, even using the 0.5mm setting without fear of nicks or cuts.

It works well even for those with thick beard hairs, and you will experience no pinching or pulling even when in a rush.

For best results, use gently on the face and let the trimmer do most of the work. You won’t need to exert force as it cuts effortlessly.

Using too much force may result in a shorter trim than intended.

Front cover of the feature list of the Norelco 7300

Multiple Settings

The 7300 comes with 18 length settings starting from 1/32” (1mm) to (23/32”)18mm plus an additional stubble setting, 1/64” (0.5mm), for the 5 o’clock shadow look.

The Turbo

Simply press the turbo button to dramatically boost the cutting speed as well as the fan speed of the vacuum.

This is ideal for plowing through thicker hairs quickly and easily and will speed up the trimming process considerably.

The significant increase in the fan speed will ensure that almost all the hairs get sucked into the compartment.

The turbo setting will make the trimming a bit noisier.


A neat feature for the traveling man, the travel lock prevents the trimmer from getting turned on accidentally in your travel luggage.

To use it, just hold down the power button for 6 seconds to lock and then again to unlock.

Connecting the trimmer to the charger should also cause it to unlock automatically.

Stay-Sharp Blades

No oiling and maintenance are needed as these blades were manufactured to stay sharp.

Many users have reported that after months of regular use, the blades remain just as sharp as the first day.

Cord and Cordless Use

A very convenient feature, this trimmer can be used on the go without the cord, or with the cord plugged in when you forget to pre-charge it.

Product image showing the Norelco 7300 from the front without the cord attached

Long-Lasting Charge

With a Lithium-Ion battery included, the trimmer allows for 75 minutes of use after a 1-hour charge. Users have said that using the turbo feature will reduce the cordless use time per charge by about 25 minutes.

Digital Display

A multi-functional digital display shows setting length as well as battery life.


The 7300 comes standard with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Comb Attachments

2 combs are included, the stubble comb and the much-loved contour comb.

The flexible contour comb was designed to maneuver easily with the natural curves of the face.

When the 7300 was released, there were many complaints because the contour comb was not included on purchase. This has been rectified as it now ships standard with the trimmer.

Criticisms of the combs being too sharp have disappeared, so this issue seems to have also been resolved by Philips.

A picture of the Philips Norelco 7300 with all its attachments and accessories

The Bad

This Trimmer isn’t waterproof

Between Use Charge Life

Some have complained that the 7300 does not hold a charge well between uses.

Philips Norelco 7300 Review: Final Verdict…

The Philips Norelco 7300 is a high-quality trimmer that gets the job done efficiently.

Making effective use of technology, this trimmer is perfect for the busy man who doesn’t have time to waste cleaning up the sink after use, or having to maintain the blades continually.

The varied settings and option to use with or without the cord makes it extremely versatile, and you’re assured of finding the right setting for your beard.

All in all, a robust trimmer and a highly recommended purchase.

The Norelco 7300 trimmer in its complete packaging

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