How to Know When You’re Ready to Use Beard Oil


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Whether your beard is just starting to grow out or you are sporting a Duck Dynasty beard extraordinaire, there’s no wrong time to start applying beard oil.

First, let’s try to understand exactly what it is and why you’d ever want to start using beard oil at all.


Beard oil has 2 main benefits:

First, it conditions the skin under the hair to help you grow and maintain a healthy beard.

When used as part of your everyday beard grooming routine, it keeps your skin from drying out or flaking and locks in moisture right at the hair follicle.

Beard dandruff is dried pieces of skin on top of the hair; consider beard oil as an anti-dandruff conditioner for your face.

Secondly, beard oil conditions the hair itself from inside the hair follicle, keeping it smooth, shiny, and well-nourished.

It’s best applied right after your shower when your pores are open and most able to lock in the beneficial moisture.


Now that you understand how beard oil works let’s take a look at picking the right one for your needs from an overwhelmingly confusing array of products.

Don’t be fooled by overly expensive products and fancy claims. Beard oils are usually packaged in small bottles with droppers; a few drops to the palm of your hand is all that is needed, so bottles will typically last you a long time.

The best products will contain natural ingredients such as Vitamin E, jojoba, and other naturally occurring oils, and aloe.
Some oils claim to have extra ingredients to promote faster growth, while some have unique ingredients for oily, sensitive, or itchy skin, so consider your skin type and needs when you start using beard oil.

Another consideration in choosing your beard oil is that many of these oils have unique fragrances, from subtle scents to eye-watering assaults.

If you regularly wear cologne, you may be better off getting unscented beard oil, so the product doesn’t interfere with the scents you like to wear. Because of this, you may be better off hand-picking your beard oils at first to find the right product before ordering it online.

Typical prices of beard oils range from $10 to $15.

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You can start using beard oil at any stage of your beard:


Using beard oil at the beginning of your beard growth:

Applying beard oil from the very beginning will condition the skin, protect your face from red bumps and the irritation of the hair growth, and stop itching.

Some products claim to promote faster beard growth during these beginning stages.


Use beard oil to maintain your perfect beard length:

Using beard oil at the maintenance stage of your beard will keep the hair glossy, healthy, and moisturized.

It will keep your beard softer to the touch and eliminate split ends and dandruff and keep your skin conditioned under the hair.


Use beard oil when you are changing the lengths of your beard:

Using beard oil regularly ensures your skin is healthy enough for you to trim your facial hair shorter, or that your beard itself is sufficiently nourished to grow longer without getting a dry, scraggly appearance.

It doesn’t matter if your end goal is to maintain your beard at short and sleek or to grow it out ZZ Top style; when you start using beard oil, your beard and skin will reap the benefits.

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