Zeus Beard Kit Review



You can easily spot the difference between a beard that’s well maintained, and one that isn’t.

We all want a beautiful beard, but with so many products to choose from, it’s a pain trying to figure out what we need for optimal beard grooming.

Which is why the US made Zeus Beard Kits were created. To give us an all-in-one beard grooming solution, that’s easy to apply, and gets you results.

Before we get into this Zeus Beard Kit review, it’s important to clear up some of the confusion.

Currently, there’s 4 main Zeus Beard Care & Grooming Kits available:

The Zeus:

  • Basic Beard Grooming Kit
  • Everyday Beard Grooming Kit
  • Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit
  • Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit


Although they’re all fairly similar, there are a few key differences which we’ll discuss next, and hopefully that should clear things up and help you decide if one of these beard kits are right for you.


Here’s a quick rundown of the products in each of the beard kits.


Zeus Basic Beard Grooming Kit:


  • Zeus Beard Shampoo
  • Zeus Beard Conditioner
  • Zeus Bristle Brush

Zeus Everyday Beard Grooming Kit:


Intended for daily use to cleanse your skin, and get your beard looking and feeling healthy.



  • Zeus Beard Shampoo
  • Zeus Beard Conditioner
  • Zeus Beard Oil
  • Zeus Beard Balm

    Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit


        • Zeus Beard Shampoo
        • Zeus Beard Conditioner
        • Zeus Beard Oil
        • Zeus Bristle Brush

    Zeus Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit:


    • Beard Shampoo
    • Beard Conditioner
    • Beard Oil
    • Beard Balm
    • Bristle Brush
    • Pocket Brush
    • Beard Comb
    • Beard & Mustache Grooming Scissors

      As you can see, all the kits come with the beard shampoo and conditioner. So, when choosing a kit, it will come down to whether or not you have a brush or comb for your beard.

      If you do, the Zeus Everyday Grooming Kit will be a great choice.

      If not, the Zeus Deluxe Kit will have what you need.

      And if your wallet is smiling, you may even want to consider the much pricier Zeus Ultimate Kit, since it literally has everything you’ll ever need to keep your beard in tip-top shape.

      Now that you know what each kit contains, it’s time to discuss why Zeus beard kits are currently enjoying so much popularity.



      Why Zeus Beard Kits are so Popular?


      There’s 4 main reasons why everybody’s raving about Zeus Beard Kits.


      1. It works… Fast!


      There’s a number of different beard care products on the market, most of which require weeks of consistent use before starting to see results.

      However, with Zeus Beard Kits, most users are seeing major improvements in the look and feel of their beards within the first week of use.

      This is a big deal, and an obvious sign of a high-quality product.



      2. Smells Great


      The beard kits come in 3 distinct scents.

      1. Verbena Lime – a soft lemony citrus scent. This scent is proving to be extremely popular, especially in Spring and Summer.

      2. Sandalwood – A very masculine wood-like scent with a hint of vanilla. Women especially seem to enjoy this scent on their partners beards.

      3. Vanilla Rum – This scent is the least popular of the 3. It has a vanilla smell with a bit of musk.

      When you purchase a Zeus Beard Kit, you’ll get to choose between on of the 3 scents. With the exception of the beard balm (unscented), the other products you apply (shampoo, conditioner and beard oil) will match the scent. Which is great.


      3. Lasts Long


      Our biggest gripe with a lot of the beard products is that they don’t last long at all. Some won’t even get you through the first month.

      On the other hand, Zeus is very generous with the products in the kits. They should see you through a few months with ease. Some users have even told us that their shampoo and conditioner has lasted in excess of 8 – 11 months depending on how often they use it.


      4. All Natural


      Any effective product that is 100% natural gets a big thumbs up from us.

      So we were pleased to see that the products in the Zeus kits are natural.

      And next we’ll take a look at the individual products, their natural ingredients, and if they’re really effective for getting your beard to look awesome.



      A Closer Look at the Products in Zeus Beard Kits


      Zeus Beard Shampoo


      The job of the beard shampoo is to deep cleanse your pores, removing acne-producing contaminants from your skin and thoroughly cleaning your facial hair.

      The main natural ingredients in the shampoo are:

      • Green tea – Helps put a stop to dandruff and flaking.
      • Dragon’s blood – The latest craze in anti-aging products. Dragon’s blood is a sap from the Croton Lechleri tree in the Amazon, known for its effective healing properties and reducing irritation and redness for those with sensitive skin.
      • Chamomile – Effectively strengthens and restores shine to your facial hair. As well as eliminating beard itch.

      Zeus Beard Conditioner


      The job of the conditioner is to soften your beard.

      It achieves this with the following ingredients:


      • Pro vitamin B5 – Considered one of the essential vitamins for a healthy beard. The B5 enhances your beard’s volume, as well as increasing its natural elasticity. Basically, the elasticity is how much your hairs can stretch. A sign of a healthy beard is one with high elasticity.
      • Aloe Vera & Dragon’s blood – both these ingredients moisturize, heal and form a protective layer over the skin.
      • Jojoba seed oil & Avocado oil – softens and hydrates your facial hair to give it that refreshed look and feel.

      The combination of these ingredients results in a strong beard, free of breakage and dandruff.

      Zeus Beard Oil


      The beard oil mainly works to prevent annoying beard itch.



      This is done with the following ingredients: 

      • Grape seed oil – Helps soothe skin irritation, and gently constricts skin pores to reduce acne and in-growns.
      • Safflower seed oil – Softens facial hair and relieves itchy skin.
      • Morrocan Argan oil – Enhances beard volume and restores it’s natural shine.
      • Vitamin E – Assists in stimulating your skin’s blood circulation which results in improved skin health, enhanced elasticity and less flaking.

      Zeus Beard Balm


      The beard balm keeps your beard in place and enhances its overall health.


      It contains: 

      • Jojoba wax – Prevents flaking skin and protects your beard hairs.
      • Beeswax & Candelila wax – Forms a protective barrier on your beard to shield it from the elements, and help retain moisture.
      • Shea butter – Increases skin and hair elasticity, as well as effectively preventing dandruff.
      • Avocado oil & Jojoba seed – combine to soften hairs and enhance beard volume.
      • Aloe Vera – Prevents damage to sensitive skin cells and soothes irritated skin.


      We’ve looked at the core beard care and grooming products from Zeus.

      So, it’s not really necessary to talk about the brushes, combs and scissors. They’re well-made, and do what they’re intended to do.



      Is it the right beard grooming kit for you?


      It’s about time to wrap up this Zeus beard kit review. So, you probably want to know what results you can expect if you buy the kit.

      Well most importantly, the Zeus Beard Kits work extremely well. So well, you should start seeing noticeable results in the first week of using it.

      It may seem a bit pricey on first glance. However, you’re getting real value for your money because Zeus Beard Kits are high-end products. Additionally, the shampoo, conditioner and other products can easily last over 6 months.

      If you’re looking for a complete beard grooming solution that won’t take up too much of your time, and will leave your beard looking, feeling AND smelling amazing, the Zeus Beard Kit is a must-have.

      It’s currently our #1 rated beard grooming kit.

      You can click on the button below now to compare and view their current best price.