How to get rid of a 5 o’clock shadow



Getting rid of a 5 o'clock shadow



Over the years we have seen many come and go.

The 5 o’clock shadow in particular has been one of great debate. A debate that shows no sign ending.

Whilst some people aim to keep their 5 o’clock stubble in place the all year long, others are doing everything they can to remove it. Of course, this is absolutely fine as different people have different tastes and can suit different styles.

For this reason, we have provided an ultimate guide showing you exactly how to get rid of a 5 o’clock shadow.




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So, what exactly is a 5 o’clock shadow beard?


Before we go any further.

We should explain the meaning of the term because it can lead to confusion.

five o'clock shadow examples


It is a stubble beard that requires some effort to maintain. Ideally, the look is to keep an ‘early stubble’ beard for an extended period of time. Regardless of how much time passes, the 5 o’clock shadow should be there at the same length as it was days previously.

However, this is a burden for some even when it comes naturally.

After shaving, there is still likely to be a slight beard shadow so we are looking into ways of removing this “problem”.

In truth, the best solution relates to the way that you shave and trim your beard so we will go through the things to look for in a razor as well as a good technique to use.

First though, we have a small solution that should put you on the right path… EXFOLIATION!!



Before you even start messing around with 5 o’clock shadow razors and certain techniques, a good way to remove the 5 o’clock shadow is to get into the habit of exfoliating.

When you exfoliate, the dead skin cells and bacteria will be removed which is a must because these will normally lead to ingrown hairs. If possible, exfoliate each and every day when you get into the shower and this will help to keep your skin healthy.

Why does this help with shaving?

When your skin is healthier, your razor will be allowed to get closer to the skin and it makes for a better shave. Rather than bumping over pimples and running into dead skin cells.

Exfoliate regularly to get a closer shave and make it easier to remove that shadow .


One of the biggest reasons why you are looking to get rid of your 5 o’clock is because you probably leave in the morning looking neat and well groomed.

Only to return at the end of the day looking scruffy and wild.


An easy solution..

Invest in a beard trimmer. This will allow you to maintain the length of facial hair until you get home.

If you find that your facial hair grows sporadically and can look a little strange by the end of the afternoon, be sure to take your 5 o’clock shadow trimmer with you to work, as this will remove the un-groomed look as the day goes on.

Electric vs Razor: Which is best for getting rid of 5 o’clock shadow?



Now, we can head into the bulk of our advice – shaving.

In just a little while, we will take you through a shaving technique with plenty of tips that will give you a super close shave.

but first…

Should you be using a manual razor or an electric shaver?


In truth, there are certain benefits and drawbacks to both.

While the electric option is much cleaner and less likely to cause cuts and little nicks when shaving, they are also a more expensive initial investment. On the other hand, razors are much cheaper and allow for a much closer shave but they are susceptible to cuts and nicks which can ruin a look.

Despite this, we believe that razors are the better option because they are more effective at the aim we have in mind which is removing a 5 o’clock shadow.

With this being said, you need to be careful of the razors you are buying.

If you buy ten cheap razors for a couple of dollars, it’s fair to say that these aren’t going to be the best quality in the world. Therefore, it can be useful to find a balance.

With disposable razors, you will be left with as many band aids on your face as you have razors in the multi-pack so be sure to go for a high quality brand. We aren’t saying that you have to shop for the most expensive one, there are plenty of good quality options for a decent price.

Let’s look at some other features to look out for when deciding on a razor;


  • If possible, look for razors that have multiple blades because you will be able to get closer to the skin with these. When trying to remove a shadow, you want to get as close to the root of the hairs as possible and this is a great solution.


  • Nowadays, there are many types of powered razors with oscillating blades which look quite impressive. Despite the aesthetics, there is no proof that they perform any better. Perhaps they shave quicker, but that is about all the benefits you will find.


  • Finally, you will also see razors with lubricating strips and these can be useful. As they pass through the stubble, they soothe the skin which makes it less likely to leave cuts and it prevents dry skin. If you can pair this with a swivel head, you will get the closest shave possible.


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As promised, we will now go through the shaving process itself and what you can do to remove the 5 o’clock shadow.



The 8 Step Process for Removing a Five O’Clock Shadow


Step 1

Firstly, bathe your face with warm water and wash with soap. If you don’t have the time for a bath or shower, simply wash your face in the sink.

This is actually a step that many men forget but it helps significantly; when using warm water, the pores open up and soften the hairs.

When finished, gently dab your face to remove excess water.


Step 2

Next, take your shaving brush, dip it into a little water and then into the shaving cream.

When applying it to your face, use upward circular motions to really get into the facial hair.


Step 3

Before shaving an area,

Pull back the skin above so that it is firm; this will help the hairs to stand on end.

In the direction that the hair grows, use short even strokes and let the razor glide. In order to avoid cuts, you will need to apply a little pressure. After every single stroke, clear the razor and prevent clogging by rinsing it in water.


Step 4

Note the direction of your hair’s growth.

This is vital because you need to glide the razor in the same direction. When shaving, you will notice that hair can grow in different directions depending on whether you are at your cheek, chin, neck, jawline, etc.

If you want to remove the shadow completely, you need to shave with precision.


Step 5

Once you have removed the first layer of shaving cream, apply a second, thinner layer with less product than before.

This time, you will want to pull the skin tight again but shave against the direction of growth.

If you have a dull blade or no shaving cream, do not shave against the grain because this will lead to pain. However, it will work nicely when the skin is lubricated and the blade cuts through the hairs nicely.


Step 6

After removing this second layer of cream, rinse your face with warm water.

Again, a step that many people forget is to splash your face with cold water too after finishing because this will encourage the pores to close.


Step 7

Once again, gently dab your face to remove the excess water.

As the skin will be a little sensitive, you should avoid any rubbing or wiping motions.


Step 8

To finish the process.

Add a small portion of aftershave balm and apply it evenly over your face. As long as you do this, it will help the recovery and prevent your face from going dry later in the day.



There we have it, the perfect way to remove 5 o’clock shadow.

Although we are big fans of sporting at least some facial hair, as long as you take the tips we have provided on board, there is no reason why you can’t be free from your shadow beard whenever required!